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Results of the storm from a birds eye view....

My oh My ! Sometimes in life we deal with disappointment, but that disappoint leads to self evaluation and some "thinking time".

Remember, I just wrote about my excitement to head back to the casino, my place of relaxation, for the first time in over 2 months. With sanitizer, wipes, masks and slot hubby in hand, we headed out for the adventure. The 45 mile trip was like Christmas Eve again when I was a child, lol, I was excited ! And as the miles on the GPS ticked down, I grew nervous with anticipation . Mostly about the all of the X factors, all the unknowns as we navigate this new world of casinos and safety. And then that came to an abrupt stop, literally, 3/4 miles away from the casino. Dead stop on the road, behind a long line of cars. I could see the casino but I couldn't reach out and touch it lol.

It all became so clear to me, I was now in a traffic jam attempting to get back to my happy place. So, without knowing exactly what the situation was - Were they at capacity and turning people around, was it going to be moving quickly and just a small set back, did my Christmas morning just end with coal in my stocking !

We sat on the road , for about 45 minutes, maybe only moved 50 feet. And that's when my brain began evaluating and going into overdrive. Was I really sitting in a mile long line of cars, in the middle of the road, with an unknown wait time just to get into a casino ?? I was !!

This is where disappoint lead to reality. I told slot hubby to turn around and we would try again another day. I realized on the 45 mile drive home that I was really bummed out, I didn't get to gamble, relax, make new video content but MOSTLY I didn't get to experience the X factors that I had been wondering about for 2 months. I still don't know how it will be in a mask, how fun it will be, what this new normal will be like and so on. And in that moment in the car, I quietly accepted that I need to prepare for lots of disappointments in our "new normal" world right now. I have to be adaptable to change and try my best to navigate thru , just like everyone else is. If I allow all of the "new normal" disappointments to make me feel like I got coal in my stocking then I will be miserable, and I don't want that. I want to remember that I am still safe, healthy and grateful. I spent an hour and a half drive with ole' slot hubby talking , dancing and enjoying his company, and for today, that will be just fine.

I'll eventually make my way into my local, and start filling in those X Factors that we all wonder about. And I promise to share them all with you. And until then, let's all try and turn our disappointments into learning moments, and appreciate the coal.

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