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The calm before the storm....

Updated: May 23, 2020

Ok, here we go. My first blog ever ! So much rolling around in my head that I will one day share with you , but lets start here!

I've been away from the Casino since March 13th 2020 due to our current Covid-19 situation. For a gambler, 2 months is a long long time ! But not just that. My last trip was with a friend to my local for 2 nights. We had a blast, however, "corona" talks were just beginning so we took precautions. As we wrapped up gambling each night and headed back to the hotel room, it seemed like new "corona" reports were coming in by the hour. We talked for hours and hours about "what the heck is going on". Each day, getting more and more information and we cautiously gambled and chatted. Now, what I didn't know then , that I know now is - that would be my last trip to the casino. I look back on that trip with my friend and I am so grateful and appreciative to have had that fun, but had I know it would be my last for a while, I might have bet higher ! Just kidding, but I would have absorbed it and taken it in much better then I did. We began our 2 day trip in one world, and when we came out, the whole world would change .

Today, one of our locals is opening back up with all Covid-19 security precautions in place, and I am heading there this evening ! I am nervous, excited, anxious, sad and happy all in one . I'm very much looking forward to gambling again, and hopefully making some videos that I love to share with everyone. But I am also anxious about the face masks ( they give me some anxiety) and the changes that have taken place. Will it still be fun ? Will it be relaxing ? Will it still be my "me time" get away and relaxation. Most of all, feeling sad that the days of gambling with my friends and high fiving a big win, celebrating our bonuses and playing side by side are temporarily gone.

So, as I venture into my first casino tonight after 2 months, I am optimistic and excited and I will be as safe and practice all health and safety precautions. I will accept the "new normal" for now, but I will hold in my heart the hopes of our "old normal" returning soon.

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