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Slot Queen's summer at a Glance..

An entire summers worth of thoughts built in my mind. Scary thought. It's been a while since I posted, but I have a lot to say !

Family first- my sons are doing well, not great but as good as they can. My oldest is in his 4th year at Chico State University studying to be in computer engineering and coding (not easy) and distance learning has made it extremely difficult for him. He's a trooper and will pull thru. Our middle son is a freshman in college and struggling with distance learning as well but learning how to adapt. Our youngest son (left for my lefty) is a senior in high school and missing out on the most for sure.

My heart breaks for him and every single milestone his is missing regarding his entire senior year of high school. All the things he's looked forward to for 12 years have disappeared and no longer exist. He's strong and adaptable to the situation, but there's not alternative really. Living here in California, our choices have been made for us and we arn't at the liberty to do as we please.

Slot Hubby is doing well and also had to adjust his work life to be covid compliant for many months. Watching him maneuver thru zoom meeting after zoom meeting at work was interesting , but he learned it. He's now back in the field and happy to be able to conduct his work "somewhat normal " again.

As for me, well , I've had an interesting summer since my last blog. In July I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and my world was unexpectedly turned upside down. If your unfamiliar with Crohn's , it's an auto-immune disease that I will have forever now. I am now on treatment and seem to be responding well, with the ultimate goal of remission.

During August and September I had some of the worst crohns flare up that dropped me to my knees in tears and pain. I wasn't sure how I was going to come out of this and still manage my life, my family and my channel. Thanks to Slot Hubby for the many hours of just allowing me to cry and cry and cry. Not just because of the amount of pain I was in, but because of the reality that I may not be able to continue on doing what I love - my slot channel.

He never once allowed me to believe that we weren't going to figure this out. He never once let me give up and give in . He didn't discredit my pain and symptons at all. But he reminded me who God made me to be. And then as I prayed, God reminded me who he has made me to be. Although I don't know why, God has made me strong and full of endurance. I am a fighter and not a quiter. I get knocked down and then stand right back up.

My goal , one day , once I know much more about Crohn's and how to live with it, is to help people any way I can to understand it. We'll get into that more in a future blog.

My channel - oh yes - slots, the reason we are all here ! My channel has had an amazing summer and so has my luck. Since returning to the casinos post-covid, my luck has been amazing ! If you haven't been keeping up on the channel, I can promise you, you've missed some great videos !We are about to hit 40k subscribers ! I have a Once in a Lifetime video that I will drop the minute we hit 40k to celebrate !

Our 3 year channel anniversary is coming november 10th and we will be celebrating our Loyal Royal Vegas Takeover 3 with about 100 of our Loyal Royals in Vegas !

I'm looking forward to fall. A fresh season, with new colors , new weather and new adventures. A change of atmosphere from the last 6 months. Fresh perspective, fresh attitude and appreciation for the things we do have and the ability that I do have to make my channel all that I want it to be.

I promise to blog more, update my calendar more efficiently and above all, remain the same loving, funny and a little bit unorthodox Slot Queen.

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